• Update

    - Season 1 Raids max daily play count increased to 20
    - Free hairs, inners, and body cosmetics at avatar shop
    - Additional 4 evil cores now received upon battle completion
    - Orange drop rates greatly increased in Season 3 battles/raids
    - Treasure Chest Rare drop rates in season 2 dungeons increased
    - Pet summon time limit extended from 120 minutes to 500 minutes
    - Seal of Bravery Daily Limit increased to 100
    - Removed Forbidden Word filter
    - Restrictions on certain raids and dungeons removed
    - Repair costs reduced by 75%
    - Exp needed to level up Dark Knight/Paladin reduced to 200
    - Fixed bug: On enhancements, items are no longer returned upon failure
    - For Kirstie's Shop: 7 day Weapon/Armor now buyable with gold
    - Added to Outfitter Shop: Keaghan/Iset and other outfitter sets
    Added to Shop near Battle Board (Colhen & Rocheste):
    - Goddess Grace 50k gold each.
    - Exquisite Enchant Rune 30 milion each.
    - Enchancement Elixir in npc 250k each.
    - Merc Pot 10k gold each.
    - Premium Enhancement Rune 5m gold.
    - Special Enhancement Rune 7m gold.
    - Epic Enchancement stone 100k gold.
    - Empowered Enchancement Stone 300k gold.
    - Paradise Enchancement Stone 1m gold.
    - Element Stone 200k gold.
    Added to Ferghus' Shop:
    - +15 Enhancement Coupon 700.000.000 gold
    - +13 Enhancement Coupon 500.000.000 gold
    - Quality Booster Coupon (+1 Star) 10.000.000 gold
    - Ruby Belt 5.500.000 Gold
    - Emerald Belt 5.500.000 Gold
    - Amethyst Belt 8.000.000 Gold
    - Peridot Belt 8.000.000 Gold
    - Ocean Depths Monster 5.500.000 Gold
    - Crescent Moon Announcement 5.500.000 Gold
    - Moonlight Sapphire Brooch 1.500.000 Gold
    - Pirate Earrings 1.500.000 Gold
    - Black Pearl Earrings 1.500.000 Gold
    - Gold Bracelet 10.000.000 Gold
    - Kitty Brooch 2.500.000 Gold
    - White Kitty Brooch 5.000.000 Gold
    - Blue Kitty Brooch 5.000.000 Gold
    - Kitty Necklace 2.500.000 Gold
    - Blue Kitty Necklace 5.000.000 Gold
    - White Kitty Necklace 5.000.000 Gold
    ============ Added to Clodagh's Shop:
    - Storage Chest Expansion Permanent 7,000,000 Gold (max 3 purchaseable)
    - Shared Storage Expansion x1 Permanent 5,000,000 Gold (max 1 purchaseable)
    - Pet Gremlin - 2,500,000 Gold
    - Pet Food - 5,000 Gold
    - Clodagh's Dye Ampoule 250,000 gold
    - Clodagh's Avatar Dye Ampoule 500,000 gold
    - Premium Armor Fusion Rune 250,000 gold
    - Premium Weapon Fusion Rune 500,000 gold
    - Premium Bath Soap 300,000 gold
    - 7 Day Cadet Badge 250,000 gold

  • Make some new update

    Increase max success rate skill awakening to 90%
    Increase all limited raids become 20
    Increase get profiency point after craft an item become 10
    Sell Goddes Grace shop npc near the boat with price 50k gold each
    Sell Exquisite Enchant Rune shop npc near the boat
    Sell Enhancement Elixir shop npc near the boat
    Sell Merc Recovery Potion Plus shop npc near the boat
    Sell Premium Enhancement Rune shop npc near the boat
    Sell Special Enhancement Rune shop npc near the boat
    Sell Epic Enhancement Stone shop npc near the boat
    Sell Empowered Enhancement Stone shop npc near the boat
    Sell Paradise Enhancement Stone shop npc near the boat

  • Make some new update

    enchant +10% success ratio
    battle quest elite monster probability +10%
    battle quest drop rate increase
    battle quest drop number increase
    battle raid play limit time +1

  • Server Maintenance(Completed)

    Hello Vindictus Warriors, Our server is currently under maintenance and estimate time is 3 hours.
    Maintenance content:
    - Log in and process bug fixing
    - Server stability improvement
    - Fatigue system, enhance, drop rate edit
    - Translation bug fixing
    ~ If you have any suggestions or want to report bugs, pls visit and report in our forum, we will give relative reward s to anyone who willing to help us providing players a better server.
    Thank you for your attention.

  • High Rate Vindictus Private Server Is Online!

    Verison: Premiere
    Enhance: +1~+10 success ratio 100% +11~+15 never destroy or rank reset on fail
    Max Level: 90
    Fatique: Unlimited
    Start from Level: 60
    Exp Rate Combat x10
    Exp Rate Monster x10
    Exp Rate Story x10
    AP Rate Combat x10
    AP Rate Story x10
    Gold Rate Combat x20
    Gold Rate Story x20

  • Server is comming!
  • Server is comming!

    Server is comming!

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